Purchase of Grands Vaux Court

On 28th April, 2017 the Trust purchased Grands Vaux Court, which adjoins Troy Court. Grands Vaux Court consists of six two bed and two single bed residential units, three small retail units and a supermarket. It is worth noting that Troy Court, Valley Court and Grands Vaux Court were all originally under one ownership.

The acquisition of Grands Vaux Court will enable us to organise our northern boundary so that the residents of Troy Court have more accessible, permanent parking, after Phase 1 of the re-building scheme is completed. The residents of Grands Vaux Court will also be able to use the new amenity spaces created.

We welcome the residents of Grands Vaux Court to Les Vaux Housing Trust and we are sure that our Managing Agents, Voisin-Hunter Ltd, will deal promptly with any matters arising about their tenancies.